In Memoriam, Jimmie A. Gleason, MD

 Dr Gleason

Jimmie A. Gleason, MD, of Topeka, passed away January 24. He was 89. He is survived by his wife Louise and his two sons — Doug Gleason, MD, and Jeff Gleason, MD, and their families — and two stepdaughters, Lisa and Katherine and their families. He was preceded in death by his by his first wife, Mary Ellen “Micke,” who passed away in 2000, and by his son Mike, who passed away in 2013.

Dr. Gleason practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Topeka for 35 years, delivering more than 10,000 babies and caring for thousands of women throughout northeast Kansas. Dr. Gleason grew up in Clay Center. His family was in the livestock business raising mules and horses. Growing up, Dr. Gleason was an accomplished musician, playing the trumpet as a youngster and then in a band in college.

He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, and then obtained his medical degree from KU Medical School. Following residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at KU, he began his practice in Topeka. He was a skilled clinician and leader in his profession, and he mentored many medical students and residents throughout his career. 

He was actively involved in his specialty and profession at the local, state and national levels. Dr. Gleason served as President of the Kansas Medical Society in 1983, and he also served for many years as Chairman of KMS’ Legislative Committee, as well as the Professional Liability Committee. He was a keen observer of politics and the legislative process. 

He is probably best known to many Kansas physicians as the person most responsible for KMS establishing the Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company (KAMMCO) in 1989. He served as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors until his retirement. Kurt Scott, KAMMCO’s President and CEO, who has been with the company since shortly after it was established, said Dr. Gleason has been the foundational spirit of the organization: “The culture he established was patient- and physician-centric. He would always say ‘we need to put patients at the center of everything we do.’” Mr. Scott went on to say, “While Dr. Gleason’s presence will be truly missed, his spirit and philosophy will live on in KAMMCO.” KMS Executive Director Rachelle Colombo added, “Dr. Gleason cared so much about the profession and was dedicated to leaving things better than he found them. With his vision, an institution critical to the practice of medicine in Kansas was created — and, whether they know it or not, it has benefited everyone practicing medicine and receiving health care in Kansas to this day.”

Dr. Gleason’s easygoing, gentle manner and humble approach endeared him to patients, friends, colleagues and all others who came to know him. He treated everyone with respect, and he had a great sense of humor. He will be missed by the entire KMS family.

A public celebration of life is scheduled on February 4, 2023. Details may be found at


Legislative Bill Introductions

The following healthcare related bills of interest were introduced during the past week: 

  • SB 82 – relating to concussion; adds several new provisions to the School Sports Head Injury Prevention Act, including a requirement that schools establish multi-disciplinary concussion management teams, evidence-based return to play protocols, and policies and procedures governing the prevention and management of concussions in students. 
  • SB 98 – expands the state’s medical student loan act to add obstetrics and gynecology to the list of approved specialties that are eligible for medical student loans and associated loan forgiveness through service commitments. The bill also adds OBGYNs to the specialties eligible for the state’s medical residency bridging program, which provides loans to residents in return for service commitments in rural communities.
  • SB 112 – amends the nurse anesthetist statutes to provide that a CRNA may practice independently “to the full extent of the licensee’s education and qualifications,” including prescribing, procuring, selecting, ordering and administering any drug consistent with their education and qualifications.  
  • HB 2126 - provides that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine may purchased over the counter, with no prescription order required. 
  • HB 2161 – creates a new “patient right to visitation “act, requiring hospitals, adult care homes and hospices to adopt policies which ensure visitation rights to essential caregivers, immediate family members, clergy and certain others. The visitation policies cannot require visitors to submit proof of any vaccine or immunization. Facilities may adopt visitation policies that are more stringent for intensive or critical care units, however. 
  • HB 2171 – amends the peer review protection statutes. Introduced on behalf of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, the bill would substantially weaken the peer review and risk management laws that allow healthcare professionals and facilities to conduct candid assessments of patient care without fear of reprisals or litigation. 
  • HB 2183 – removes the statutory cap on noneconomic (“pain & suffering”) damages in wrongful death claims.  

Contact Rachelle Colombo with questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Board Election Results

Today’s Board of Trustees is an engaged, dedicated group of volunteers. They meet four times each year, in person in Topeka when possible, to discuss the issues facing our organization and to provide leadership to our staff as they carry out the daily work on our behalf.

The Bylaws charge the Nominating Committee with selecting candidates who possess the integrity, skills and commitment necessary to enable the Board to properly exercise its governance and oversight role in the best interests of the Society and its members.

At the Annual Meeting preceding the Advocacy Day activities, the following individuals were elected to the Board of Trustees:

Central District Trustee II - Robert Moser, MD; Family Medicine-Salina

Eastern District Trustee II - Doug Gleason, MD; OB/GYN-Topeka

Western District Trustee II - Jeremy Presley, MD; Family Medicine-Dodge City

AMA Delegate - Robert Gibbs, MD; Radiology-Parsons

Advocacy Day Recap

KMS would like to thank all who sponsored and attended Advocacy Day 2023. We welcomed a strong number of physicians and legislators from across the state who, despite the early morning snowstorm that affected most of the state, took time out of their busy schedules to come together and discuss current issues and the political climate in the Statehouse. 

Advocacy Day included a legislative issue briefing, updates from several specialty societies who cosponsored the event, and also from state legislative leadership, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita. Attendees also heard from KMS Legislative Chair Kevin Hoppock, MD, Wichita, on developing effective advocacy strategies. One highlight was a special recognition to Representative Brenda Landwehr, R-Wichita, for the work she has done as Chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee in recent years. 

Throughout the legislative session, KMS conducts policy analysis, compiles legislative briefs and organizes testimony to advocate on behalf of Kansas physicians. This work is made so much stronger when our members join us in Topeka and share their stories with legislators in person. We are honored that so many took the time to participate in Advocacy Day 2023.

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