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As a physician, joining KMS is an important indication of your commitment to the profession of medicine and to the patients you serve. More than 3/4 of Kansas physicians are members of KMS because they understand the important and valuable role this organization plays. Our priorities are physician priorities:

  • Keeping the practice of medicine in physician hands
  • Improving the practice environment in our state
  • Ensuring the physician voice is well-represented in the legislative & regulatory arena

KMS' mission is centered on advocacy; it's job #1 for us. Every physician in the state--member or not--benefits from our respected, diligent advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues at both the state and federal level. All physicians also benefit from the work of our partner organizations:

KMS members understand the importance of their annual support. They also appreciate the additional benefits which come from membership:

  • Eligibility for insurance coverage through KAMMCO, the region's leading medical malpractice insurance provider
  • Hands-on assistance with regulatory issues and third-party payers
  • Meaningful, physician-focused leadership learning opportunities
  • Timely updates on our advocacy efforts and other developments that implicate the practice of medicine in Kansas

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