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JerrySlaughtercolorJerry Slaughter
Executive Director

It wasn't so many years ago that our state was in the midst of a full blown medical malpractice crisis. If a physician could find insurance it was terribly expensive. KMS was in a pitched battle with the trial lawyers over tort reform, and we were getting no help from the out of state malpractice insurers, who were uninterested in putting any effort or financial resources into the fray. Just when it looked like it couldn't get any worse, the largest insurer of physicians announced its intention to withdraw from Kansas, leaving nearly forty percent of the state's physicians facing the prospect of going without insurance protection.

Against that backdrop KMS decided to create a physician-owned and directed insurance company, KaMMCO. It was the only way we could ensure that Kansas physicians would always have a source of responsible insurance protection, and be protected from the vagaries of the cyclical insurance market, which often acts irrationally.

From the beginning we determined to make KaMMCO different than all of the other out of state insurers. Its sole purpose for existing was to insure KMS member physicians, and help make Kansas a good place to practice medicine through unwavering advocacy, support of KMS' mission and reinvesting resources back into the physician community.

From time to time an opportunistic out-of-state insurer comes into Kansas with the lure of unsustainably low premiums and promises of being "just like KaMMCO." Usually when that happens it's an insurer looking to grow to support its own corporate goals, or more often in recent years, to position itself as an attractive acquisition target with a larger book of business, not to make a long term commitment to improving the liability environment for the Kansas physician community.

In the twenty-three years KaMMCO has been advocating for Kansas physicians as a partner with KMS, no other medical malpractice insurer has stepped up to help us preserve our tort reforms with intellectual as well as financial support, or invested in provider-driven quality efforts, or made the promise of health information exchange a reality through critical financial support, or provided first class education and practice resources to physicians and their staffs, or made possible a peer-support system to help physicians return to practice after being sued.

KaMMCO makes those investments, and more, every single day. Your premium payment to KaMMCO buys an insurance policy for sure, but it also is reinvested in your state, your medical society, and the future of your practice in Kansas. No other insurer makes such an investment in you and your profession in this state. In fact, every other insurer, including those that say they are "just like KaMMCO," take your premium dollars on a one way trip out of Kansas. Help KMS help medicine in Kansas by choosing KaMMCO. Your premium dollars will be reinvested right here, making things better for physicians and the patients they serve.

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